Matrix body 8 1/2" PDC oil well drilling bit with 5 blades

    Brief Introduction

    PDC oil drill bit is composed of the drill body, cutting teeth, flutes, nozzle and other components. This kind of drill bit is suitable for medium hard to hard formations, such as shale, limestone, anhydrite, sandstone and so on.


Advantages in design

1. Use high-quality steel as the base material;

2. Good-performance wear-resistant materials weld in the surface of the blade;

3. Adopt specialized computer software to the overall design of the three-dimensional drawings;

4. Double asymmetric teeth straight blade, medium parabolic crown, long Gage shape structure;

5. Cutting structure using force balance design, unique PDC cutter layout and positioning, keep a sharp cutting edge in drilling, effectively improve the offensive and drilling speed;

6. The application of fluid dynamics analysis and numerical simulation of hydraulic flow field analysis technology, improves chip speed and anti-balling capacity.


Bit Size: 4 1/2"-- 17 1/2''(114mm--444.5mm)

Blades: 3--9 Blades

Nozzles: according to your requirement

PDC Cutter: 1913, 1613, 1313 and so on

Rotary speed: 60-300 rpm

Package: Wooden Boxes. as custom's requirements

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