PQ HQ NQ BQ Diamond Core Drilling Bits


    1. Balance design makes the bit has good guidance, fit downhole motor used in directional drilling, with smaller radial vibration;

    2. Different structure of patent PDC composite in different position of reasonable decorate bit bit strong aggressive and abrasive resistance;

    3. Strong offensive design make bit can obtain the high rate of penetration;

    4. Dynamic flow field simulation technique is applied to hydraulic design, make the bottom hole flow field optimization, to improve chip removal rate and the balling.



1>. How to order the products?

Send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number. 
2>. If there is no packing demand, we will take it as sea-way packing. 
3>. Can I expect a quality products?
Yes. All our activities are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and API, both in products and services, at the same time, mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request. 

4>. If possible, please attach one reference picture to avoid any misunderstanding or any links from our website for we get a better understanding. 


Size Available: 
"Q" series: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ/AQTK, BQTK, BQ3, NQ2, NQ3, NQTT, HQ3, HQTT, PQ3, PQTT 
T2 series: T2 46, T2 56, T2 66, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101 
T6 series: T6 76, T6 86, T6 101, T6 116, T6 131, T6 146, T6S 101, T6S 116 
T series: T36, T46, T56, T66, T76, T86 
Z series: Z46, Z56, Z66, Z76, Z86, Z101, Z116, Z131, Z146 
B series: B36, B46, B56, B66, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146 
WF series: HWF, PWF, SWF, UWF, ZWF 
WT series: RWT, EWT, AWT, BWT, NWT, HWT 
WM series: EWM, AWM, BWM, NWM, HWM 
WG series: EWG, AWG, BWG, NWG, HWG 
Others: NMLC, HMLC, LTK48, LTK60, BGM, NGM, ADBG, TBW, TNW, ATW, BTW, NTW, NXD3, AX, NX, NXC, AXT, T6H, 4 9/16, NWD4, 412F, SK6L146, TT46, TB56, TS116, CHD101.

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